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Water Cooler for Outer Converter Cabinet

The plate bar oil cooler and water cooler are widely applied for cooling 0.8MW to 7MW system of gearbox, converter, converter cabinet, generator system, nacelle and so on.

Choose anodic oxidation and electrophoresis surface treatment, which is widely used for offshore wind power

Corrosion-proof grade: C5

Corrosivity resistant level: ISO12944 C3/ C4/C5-I/C5-M.

Model Number: 4.5KW cooler for 1.8KW

Brand Name: YUDA

Min. Order: 1 Piece

FOB: Shanghai

Lead Time: 30-35 days

Payment Terms: T/T in advance

Country of Origin: Wuxi, China

Environment conditions

1. Altitude: 0~2000m

2. Working environment: General environment even to the extent that the harsh one such as corrosion, Saline atmosphere, pumice sand and dust.

3. Ambient temperature: -40℃~+60℃

4. Pressure: 2-40bar

5. Working temperature: -10℃~220℃

6. Corrosion-proof grade: C5

7. Relative humidity: Max100%

8. Special customized designing

Key Specifications/Special Features 

1、Core: aluminum plate bar structure
2、High heat transfer efficiency and temperature control
3、Large heat transfer area
4、Low noise, withstand high pressure.
5、Production method:Vacuum brazed
6. Fin type: flattop, louvered, serrated, wavy and other fins.
Arrangement of streams in counter-flow, cross-flow or crosscounter-flow

Delivery Details

HS Code: 87089190

Packing: Wooden case


(1)High heat transfer efficiency.
Continuous structure of the boundary layer and disturbance of the fins to the fluid, which has large heat transfer coefficient; at the same time, because the partitions and fins are very thin and have high thermal conductivity that makes plate-fin type heat exchangers achieve high efficiency.
(2) Compact, plate-fin heat exchanger has an extended secondary surface, its specific surface area can reach 1000㎡/m3 heat transfer efficient
(3) Lightweight, compact and made of aluminum alloy.
(4)Plate-fin heat exchangers can be applied in field of wind turbine, air compressor, oil&gas exploration, air separation plant, construction machinery, agricultural, forestry, hydraulic and diesel engine of kinds of automobiles. Plate bar heat exchangers have
counter-flow, cross-flow combination
(5) The manufacturing process has strict requirements and best quality control.